Ralph's Riders Foundation is a networking community dedicated to serving and supporting individuals with spinal cord injuries and mobility impairments.  Ralph's Riders is an alliance consisting of two components working in unison.  First, the Riders are a team of extraordinary mobility-challenged individuals that provide peer and career mentorship to individuals with similar disabilities.  Second, the Angels are professionals with specific expertise and experience in assisting spinal cord injured and mobility-impaired community.  The Ralph's Riders Alliance is uniquely able to impart guidance, insight and resource information which eases the challenging transitions all individuals must make to roll smoothly into a brighter future.  Ralph's Riders will also work to unify the mobility-impaired community by advocating for common causes as well as raising awareness through media and public events.


Mayra Fornos, Founder & CEO
Mayra became involved with the disabled community more than 25 years ago when her late husband, Ralph, suffered a C5-6 spinal cord injury that rendered him a quadriplegic as the result of a surfing accident.  Mayra understands the indescribable physical and emotional challenges the injured and their loved ones face. Wanting to carry on Ralph's legacy after his passing, Mayra founded the Ralph's Riders Foundation to assist others on their path to success.

Briana Walker, President
In 2002 Briana was in a catastrophic car accident where she sustained a spinal cord injury.  Not allowing her new circumstance stop her, she persevered and co-founded the first wheelchair hip hop dance team, and not only does she speak worldwide about her experiences, she also wrote a book titled Dance Anyway, she continues to write on her blog sharing humorous anecdotes to help others laugh through adversity. Briana is a model, spokesperson, and humanitarian as well.  

Valerie Teague, Co-Vice President

Catie Butler, Co-Vice President

A native of Southern California, Catie's interest in travel and culture was inspired by her family's move to Hong Kong for a period of two years while she was still a teenager, which served as quite the eyeopener.  Since then, Catie has displayed passion for travel and a curiosity for understanding the experiences of others.  This led to her graduating with a BA in Political Science and a Minor in Anthropology from Cal State Long Beach.  Catie hopes to continue that passion by learning more and giving back to the community of individuals with spinal cord injuries and mobility impairments.

Karen Clark, Co-Secretary
A native of Michigan moved to California in 1979.  She was a General Manager and District Sales Manager before starting her own Internet based corporation in 2000.  Her passion for volunteering with organizations serving the spinal cord injured community was inspired by the friendship of Ralph and Mayra Fornos.  In 2010 the Dayle Macintosh Disability Resource Center recognized her contributions by giving her the "Apple of Our Eye" award.


Wayne Clark, Co-Secretary

Hobal Grajeda, Board Member

Russel Burke, Board Member
In 2013 Russel was in a car accident in Arizonz leaving him a quadriplegic relying on a ventilator. He thought his life was over. Come to find out, it was just a new chapter in life. He enjoys snow skiing, ice curling and wheelchair hockey. All things he thought he'd never be able to do again. He spends time visiting newly injured SCI patients, giving them hope. We just do things a little different now, instead of walking...we roll.