Rider of the Month: Briana Walker

On a bright, sunny Sunday afternoon Briana Walker was driving on the freeway when she fainted at the wheel, hitting a cement median at 75 miles per hour. A young, aspiring dancer, just 23 years old at the time of her accident, Briana was determined to reinvent an amazing life in spite of her new and challenging circumstances.

One year after her accident Briana became the first female ever to be featured on the cover of Mobility Management magazine. Shortly thereafter Briana became the Krypto Girl for Colours Wheelchairs. Her images have now been used globally on buses and billboards to change the face of disability.

After meeting another Colours' model, a pioneer in the hip hop world, Briana learned to transform her wheelchair into a dance prop, and together they created one of the first ever wheelchair, hip hop dance teams to take the national spotlight doing a routine with music sensation Ludacris. In 2007 Briana became the new spokesperson for Overstock.com. Her television commercials and print ads have been seen around the world.

In 2014 she graduated Cum Laude from Cal State University San Marcos with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Justice Studies.  In that same year Briana married and now embraces the life of an unconventional homemaker.

Briana wrote her first book, Dance Anyway, to help others overcome life’s obstacles.  She is continually working on a second book about humorous anecdotes when faced with adversity.  Some of her humorous stories can be found on her blog High Heels and Wheelchair Wheels.  

Briana is currently speaking to people all over the country sharing her contagious and inspiring courage with thousands - teaching everyone the principle - no matter what life throws at you – you can choose to dance anyway!